Backyard Diary, pt. 1: the Fence Comes Down!

Among the many, many things I love about our house (pocket doors! leaded glass windows!), it’s the backyard that’s got me head-over-heels, wrapped-around-its-little-finger, smitten as a kitten. Since Blaise and I are dog owners and gardening enthusiasts, having ample yard space was a priority in our house search — so when we opened the back door at our current house, we knew we had to have it! The yard is like our own little kingdom, right in the heart of the city.

But it turns out, even kingdoms don’t always come just the way you want them.

The Before…

In our case, the prior owners had fenced off a gravel-covered dog run in the back of the lot — seeing as how we’re not huge fans of the “chain-link aesthetic” (and because our pup would mutiny if she didn’t get full run of the place!), the fence needed to go.

Well, I’m pretty handy around the house, and certainly not above putting some elbow grease into a project, but let’s just say that ripping out metal fence posts sunk deep into the ground with concrete is well above my pay grade.

And… voilà!

IMG_2142I called in the professionals without a second thought, and a few short hours later, the eyesore was gone! I’m so happy with the way it turned out. Even with the gravel there, the yard looks fresher already. Next step: building a chicken coop to fill out the space…

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