Hi! I’m Krystyna, A Global Local.

Things to know about me: I enjoy long afternoons getting dirty in the garden, road biking in the Rocky Mountains, and doing my best to gracefully share a kitchen. I’d never pass up the chance to give a dog a good scratch behind the ears, and love an icy gin and tonic.

Most importantly, I know my mom was right when she told me that growing deep roots lets your branches stretch out even farther.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting 30+ countries on six continents (watch out Antarctica!), often with my main man, Blaise, at my side. When not on the road, he and I are making a home for ourselves in Denver, Colorado with a dog, a garden, and (soon to be) flock of backyard chickens.

This blog is here to share our journeys, both at home and abroad — both Global and Local, that is. It’s part urban homesteading, part globetrotting, and all adventure.

Welcome, and enjoy! I’d love to hear from you. – K

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[One last thing: I took all the photographs on this site, so please get my permission before reproducing any of these images. Many thanks!]